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photo   © 2010   woodleywonderworks , Flickr So last week I took some time to pause, reflect and refresh…I actually took some time to really pray through and think through the future of EpicParent. And I have come to… Read More »

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photo   © 2007   Matthew Baron , Flickr Yep, that’s right!! Taking a much needed week to refresh, re-coup…you get the idea!! See you next Monday!!   sprad

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I love your kids so, so much and I want them to know just how special and wonderful and unique they are. I don’t want a stupid thing like followers and likes to tell them any differently.

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Your spouse is a gift from God. Don’t ever lose sight of that truth. Each day thank God for your gift and ask Him to guide you in your role as a husband or a wife.

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But… every foot represents a person, a soul, a face, that needs to be touched with grace, hope and love.