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5 IMPORTANT Conversations Every Dad Must Have With His Son

  • THE “ABSOLUTE TRUTH” CONVERSATION:  53% of evangelicals deny the fact that there is an absolute truth.  Why?  Because of all the mixed and politically correct messages that are bombarding the air waves.  If more than half of adult evangelicals are confused on absolute truth, their kids don’t have a fighting chance.  Therefore, I think it is important that parents take the time to deposit absolute truth into their kids and set them straight.  “If the family is to survive in America, society must begin to recognize that a Biblically defined family, as laid out in God’s Word, works best. And, for good reason: This is an absolute truth. A father, a mother and their children form the best family structure for building the future. While some have no choice but to face widowhood, divorce or out-of-wedlock pregnancy, the Biblical model of two parents re-mains the unchallenged best approach to successful families and child rearing. (And who knows this better than the single parent with the tough job of raising children alone?)”  source…Concerned Women of America.  Parents, don’t think for a second that your kids will automatically believe this because you do.  In the world we live in today, you must take the time to teach this to them.
  • THE “HOW TO HAVE SEX” CONVERSATION:  Notice that I didn’t say every dad needs to have the “sex talk”!  I think that dads should have that talk, but I also believe every dad should talk their boys through how to actually have sex…in detail.  I have a buddy that was the king when it came to having the “sex talk”, but I guess he never really talked through the “how” of having sex.  One day he found porn videos in their internet history, he confronted his son and his son’s response was “I just wanted to see how you actually have sex.”  So I encourage all dad’s to step into the pain and when they are ready (not 6 years old), talk them through the details of “how” to have sex.  The urges, hard on’s, foreplay, orgasm and cum.  I know some of you are second guessing this point, but do you really want their friend at school, a porn video and some girl teaching them this stuff?
  • THE “MOM MATTERS” CONVERSATION:  Last year I overheard my son griping, complaining, arguing and raising his voice at his mother.  I immediately stopped what I was doing and my sermon went a little something like this…  “Do you know that this lady right here is my wife!  Do you know that I married her 17 years ago and I will never let any person on the face of this earth treat her like this or talk to her like this!!  Young man, if you have a problem with her, you got a problem with me.  If I ever hear you talk to her like this again, you WILL feel the wrath of her husband!!”  I believe that every dad needs to teach his son that MOM MATTERS!
  • THE “I GOT YOUR BACK” CONVERSATION:  Every son needs to know that dad is there for them.  Your boys need to know that when they screw it up, fail, struggle in school, go through a nasty break up, or their friends desert them…that you’ve got their back!  Your son needs to know that there is absolutely nothing in this world that will separate you from them and that there is nothing they can do that will make you love them any less!  I believe this is something that dad’s need to remind their sons of daily.
  • THE “I SCREWED IT UP” CONVERSATION:  My boys love to hear about all the mistakes I made when I was their age.  I understand this can be a “tight rope” conversation and you must use wisdom and discretion.  My approach, which many of you may disagree with, is I would rather tell them too much instead of too little.  I have told my kids about when I first kissed a girl and that I was too young!  I have told my kids about the first time I drank and how destructive it was for me.  I have told my kids about times that I lied to my parents and how dishonoring it was.  I have told my kids about the first time I unzipped a girls pants and…just kidding!  The key word is discretion!  I just think it’s important that were honest to a point so that our kids can learn from some of our mistakes.

What is 1 conversation that you need to have with your kids?

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  1. jonathan February 20, 2012 at 11:33 am - Reply


    You are right on!

  2. Greg February 20, 2012 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    Great stuff Chris. Very affirming as I’ve actually had these convos with both my boys (phew!) who are 14 & 16.

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