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About Sprad, a movement that is uniting, transforming and influencing families all over the globe.

It’s pretty simple, this is my personal blog and I absolutely love encouraging, challenging, loving on, beating up on and speaking into the lives of parents. As well as confessing all my personal parenting screw ups.

My goal is to create funny, gut busting, inspiring, Jesus centered, challenging, raw, honest, creative, offensive (I have to get your attention somehow!!) content that parents can implement today.

The Mission is…


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I also encourage you to check out my blog archives for a list of every post I have ever written or use the search function below my pic on the right hand side.

My Biography

I’m not a fan of writing stuff about myself, but here are just a few things you might want to know: I strive to live fully in the present, I pursue Jesus, I don’t drink coffee, I’m bald, I have a chinhawk, I live in Edmond, OK., I love Spotify, the OKC Thunder (#thunderup), I recklessly follow the voice, I fight for purity, I start every day with a chocolate-peanut butter-banana-spinach smoothie, I fly fish, I’m a poser snowboarder guy and I try to walk in a spirit of gratitude!

I grew up in Texas (go horns!), I got married to the unbelievably awesome Jodie in 1994, I became a youth pastor in Colorado in 1998, and in 2004 we moved to, Oklahoma City to serve as Pastor and Team Teacher. (If you haven’t heard of it, is the most innovative church in North America, with an average weekly attendance of 40,000+ and international influence.) My work with the remarkable leaders of was the ride of a lifetime. Then God did the unthinkable! In 2009, He called Team Sprad to leave behind incredible friends and to pursue His plan for our life. We moved back to Steamboat Springs to pastor Euzoa Church. Three years later, the work God sent us to do in “The Boat” has been completed and now we live in Edmond, OK…again!!

Yeah…a lot of moving, and that’s a whole nuther story!

Jodie and I are madly in love (she’s an amputee, by the way, hit by a drunk driver when she was 16…CAN I SAY AMAZING WOMAN). Jodie has a deep passion for the medical field and in her late thirties she decided to go back to school and study nursing! (CAN I SAY AMAZING WOMAN AGAIN)! Guess what?? She’s a nurse now! However, when she was in school I learned not only how to be dad, but I learned how to be mom too…cook breakfast, get kids ready for school, doc appointments, homework, dishes, cleaning and making our kids brush their teeth before bed! It was a tough job, but I absolutely loved the opportunity to serve Jodie and our kiddos. Our three kids are Cole (ColeTrain), Kylie (SeeMammers) and Tifton (JackHammer).

I didn’t launch to showcase my parenting skills, but rather be honest about my failures, wounds, wins and my journey as a parent. I’m more passionate about Team Sprad than anything else in my life… and I absolutely love honest, authentic, on-the-edge, innovative, entrepreneurial, get-your-hands-dirty parenting. I believe that if parents would step into their God-given role, the world would be changed!


My Contact Information

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