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By Amy Schafer, April 10, 2013 3 Church Leadership, Faith, Family, HOME, Jesus, Serving

Do they serve others, our family, the church, & community enthusiastically?
Do they take the initiative to serve others?
Do I have to bribe, pay or beg them to simply serve?

By ChrisSprad, April 9, 2013 8 Faith, God, Heart, HOME, Jesus, Leadership, Love

The #1 thing you MUST give your kids is a Mom and Dad that love Jesus more than life, money, air, kids, sex, muscles, food, tv…

By ChrisSprad, April 8, 2013 17 children, Faith, HOME, Teens

“The statistics are jaw-droppingly horrific: 70 percent of youth stop attending church when they graduate from high school. Nearly a decade later, about half return to church.”

By ChrisSprad, April 4, 2013 2 accountability, HOME, Responsible Kids, Teens

Mom and Dad, it’s time to stop shelling out the dough and teach your kids work ethic and responsibility.

By Michelle Clark, April 3, 2013 0 Choices, God, Gratitude, Heart, HOME, Jesus, Leadership

Are they learning from us that Jesus is enough or are we teaching them to have a drive inside them that longs for the tree that we weren’t supposed to have?