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So have you been watching The Bible?

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So Train came home right after school and asked me to buy him 4 “loud, bold, 80′s neon” hoodies.

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My story is that when I got married 18 years ago I was a lust crazed, angry, controlling, make my wife and kiddos walk on egg shells, intentionally make them feel guilty, knock holes in the wall husband.

But by the supernatural power of God I have been changed. God has reversed the curse. God has turned me around and God is using Team Sprad to change families all over the globe!

By ChrisSprad, July 9, 2012 1 Team Sprad will be back online next Monday, July 16th…WITH A BRAND NEW WEBSITE!! Don’t miss it!

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Hallelujah, Praise God…Team Sprad is on vacation!!!!!