Parenting Tips From Justin Bieber

I love JB’s boldness! He didn’t care who would listen, that people would laugh and how many times record producers said no…There’s no place for you in the business. He picked himself up, dusted himself off and continued to pursue his dream.

My daughter, Kylie, is a Justin Bieber fan and she has been begging me to sit down and watch his new movie Never Say Never.  I know that Justin Bieber and other “teen idols” can be a point of controversy in the parenting world and that some of you love him and others would never let their kids listen or watch any of his stuff.

I have honestly struggled allowing my daughter to get caught up in “Bieber mania” but my wife has lead Kylie through this while I have watched from a distance and I have learned a ton from her on how to strike a healthy balance in this issue.

So I finally decided to sit down with Kylie and watch the movie and I have to say that I loved it!  As soon as the movie was over I ran out and bought a JB t-shirt and white pants with purple high tops.  I am an official Justin Bieber fan.  I hope you know that I am kidding and I’m still not a big fan but there were some things in the movie that impacted me and I want to share one with you.

I was impressed most by JB’s courage.  The kid has absolutely no fear!  At a very young age Justin stood in the street of his hometown, guitar in hand singing to the top of his lungs to anyone that would listen.  (It was also interesting that several of the clips were him singing worship songs and in his local church)  Justin was bold the very first time he met Usher.  He looked Usher in the eyes and told him that you need to hear me sing.  He sang, dance and competed in local talent shows and music competitions when it was “uncool” to do so.

I love his boldness!  He didn’t care who would listen, that people would laugh and how many times record producers said no…There’s no place for you in the business.  He picked himself up, dusted himself off and continued to pursue his dream.

As I was watching the movie I found myself wanting to stand up, scream and cheer the kid on!  I didn’t, because that would just be weird but I was so impressed with his courage.

The movie also had several interviews with Justin’s mother.  She is a single mom, JB’s dad left when he was very young, and from what I can tell she did am amazing job.  However, what struck me most was that she took the time to instill this courage and boldness deep into her son’s heart and soul.

I believe that more parents need to take a few tips from Pattie (Malette) Bieber and teach their kids how to live courageously!

Parents must teach their kids to…

  • Have courage and be different
  • Have courage and say no
  • Have the courage to be confident around adults
  • Have courage to pursue their dream
  • Have courage to be WEIRD and not normal
  • Have courage to be bold for Christ when it’s not cool
  • Have courage to not give in to peer pressure
  • Have courage to dress modestly when the world screams wear less
  • Have courage to be-friend the friendless

Great job Pattie and Justin Bieber!  I was deeply inspired by your strength, boldness and courage!

Have you intentionally trained your kids to walk courageously?  If so, please share your tips with the EpicParent family.

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6 thoughts on “Parenting Tips From Justin Bieber”

  1. I am currently teaching them that it is okay to be a bit different and do their own thing. I think they get it but will be a matter of time. I love the comment about to be weird and not normal. I think both of mine are quite cooky.

  2. If you get a chance you should check out my buddy’s book, WEIRD, THE NEW NORMAL. You can get it on Amazon.

  3. Okay, I love this! I’m proud of you for watching the movie with Kylie (I haven’t seen it, but after reading this, I might) but I’m even more proud of you for sharing great stuff from it! Lessons that we can learn from the Biebers? This is something that is greatly needed! Almost everyone I know is either obsessed with Justin Bieber or claims they hate him (Except for a small few, like me, that are neutral). After reading this and watching a couple of YouTube videos, I’m leaning more towards thinking he’s a pretty nice kid. So anyways, what you shared is inspiring and I hope a lot of people read it! What people need to hear is good stuff about this kid, instead of just going crazy over his looks and voice–or strongly disliking his songs, which I don’t think is very nice. Now enough about Justin, you sir, did another fabulous job writing and sharing your heart and insights! Thank you very much! This post gave me hope that maybe kids will take Justin Biebers example (and parents take his Mom’s) and be weird, be themselves and be confident that God can take them anywhere. That is something that I really, REALLY think everyone should hear!

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