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Today as we finish this series, I want to focus solely on the marriage relationship.  My theory is that if the marriage is good there is a much better chance for the family to be good.  Strong marriages can produce strong families. 

Let’s start with this:

Marriage is a gift from God. We are accountable to Him with how we handle that gift. In my marriage, I have two major choices: I can work hard to make it the best marriage possible or I can really mess it up. I can choose to nurture my relationship with my wife or I can choose to damage the relationship by either doing something that hurts my wife or by simply coasting through marriage without bothering to work at it.

How is a marriage relationship nurtured? I often talk to men who really want their marriages to be better but just do not know what to do. Men are usually not very relational, but their wives usually are. Men need to understand how to relate to their wives on this level. Wives long for their husbands’ companionship. They not only want their husbands to spend time with them but they want their husbands to actually enjoy that time spent together. If you are a husband, remember this: Your wife wants to be your first choice. And if you are a wife, remember this: Your husband wants to be your first choice. Here are some ideas to help make that happen:

     Talk together and ask each other how you would each like to spend time together.

     When your spouse is talking to you, listenI mean really listen-and be ready to respond.

     Next to God, think of your spouse first.

     Pray for each other.

     Let your spouse know how much he or she means to you.

     Surprise each other at unexpected moments.

     Say I love you to each other every day.

Your spouse is a gift from God. Don’t ever lose sight of that truth. Each day thank God for your gift and ask Him to guide you in your role as a husband or a wife. Pray to see your spouse each day through God’s eyes. Cherish your spouse. It’s your job.

What is 1 thing YOU can do today to cherish your spouse?

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Dr. Kim has been a professional counselor for almost thirty years. He holds a Ph.D. and a Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling. He also holds Masters Degrees in Christian Ministry and Theological Studies. He is President and co-founder of A Cord of Three Strands, Family Christian Counseling, and I Want an Awesome Marriage. He is married to Nancy, and they have two children and five awesome grandchildren. Dr. Kim is the leader of the Awesome Marriage Movement. Awesome Marriage reaches over one million people each month with God’s plan for marriage and relationships. Dr. Kim has written five books and all are available in the Awesome Marriage Store. His latest book “Seven Secrets of an Awesome Marriage” will be published by Guideposts Books and be available everywhere in February 2014. Facebook Twitter


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    I think do things for him so that he knows how amazing he is.

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