The Best Restaurants and Food in Graz

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Graz, Austria, has a couple of good vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Among the slew of meat-heavy restaurants that saturate Austria due to the German-Austrian food influence, there are a few wonderful restaurants that can give you a health-conscious break from your sausage laden gastronomical adventure. Here are a couple of the best vegetarian restaurants in Graz, Austria. Both of the restaurants profiled offer Vegan options as well as lactoovo Vegetarian and other vegetarian dishes. Fans of vegetarian food who visit the Graz, Austria are offered an unusually large variety of vegetarian cuisine options in the area.

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Mangolds is a unique restaurant in Graz, Austria that comes highly rated among locals and visitors alike. They have won local awards for their service to the community, and their food is some of the best rated in the city. Their food is cooked to ensure the highest nutritive value, and their menu changes weekly to showcase fresh, locally grown and seasonal foods. Mangolds is regarded by some visitors to be the best vegetarian food they have ever had. The menu is enticing and does not skimp on the good, substantial foodstuff that fills you up and makes you feel like you ate a good meal.

Community centered and health conscious, Mangolds is a progressive vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Their menu changes and is listed weekly on their website. Mangolds serves and caters creative vegetarian food, and can be a hearty and welcome alternative to the meaty German-Austrian cuisine that dominates much of Austria. Mangolds has a salad bar that changes to include fresh, seasonal and regional vegetables that are cultivated in the local area.

Vegetarians who wish to explore a second restaurant option should visit Ginkgo, a small restaurant in the city that also caters to vegan tastes and offers a buffet. Ginko has a warm, clean and classy atmosphere, and would be a good vegetarian restaurant in Graz, Austria to visit if you are going on a date.

Well known for its architectural wonders dating far back into the history of humankind, Graz is a stunning town nestled deep in the Alps. Protected from the harsh winds of the Styrian region, Graz does not get quite as cold in the winter as some of the surrounding communities, and can be a great place to hold lodgings on a ski trip.

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